Micro-plate Mixer, Variable Speed

Micro-plate Mixer, Variable Speed

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: MM100

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Product Description

Micro-plate mixer, variable speed; supplied by ANM industries, used to mix liquid samples within microtiter plates. Easy installation and replacement is achievable by micro-plate mixer. 

Product specifications:

• Motor Type: DC Brushless Motor

• Dimension: 260W*150D*80H

• Speed: 2500 RPM

• Shaking Movement: Orbital

• Run Type: 1-999 mins & Continous

• Orbital Diameter: 4 mm


• Compact & universal Micro plate Mixer is suitable for small vessels & 96 micro plate

• Wide range of accessories

• Continuous operation is exhibited by micro-plate mixer.

• Steep less speed regulation of motor.

• Micro-plate mixer can be Conveniently  operated

• Ergonomic design