Microplate Reader-M201

Microplate Reader-M201

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


physical reactions in samples by measuring emitted light. A microplate reader detects light emitted by samples which have been pipetted into a microplate. Emission of light in these samples is the result of a biological, chemical, biochemical or physical reaction.It helps to minimize operational time and to save costs, allowing researchers to dedicate more time to data analysis and generation of actionable insights.It is used for the quantification of several biological and chemical assays. Light-emitting dyes and reagent kits are usually employed to convert a reaction into light and quantify it with the plate reader.


7' Touch TFT LCD Screen

Test Results simultaneous Displayed in screen

Led light source with lifespan over 100,000 Hours

Bichromatic, 8-channel optical system

Large storage capacity up to 200 test protocols and 100,000 results

3 Shaking modes with variable time

Windows Operation system

Self-check, malfunction Alarm.