Myco-Sniff-Rapid Mycoplasma Luciferase Detection Kit, 50 tests

Myco-Sniff-Rapid Mycoplasma Luciferase Detection Kit, 50 tests

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  • Quantity/Unit: 50 tests/Pack
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Myco-Sniff-Rapid Mycoplasma Luciferase Detection Kit offers a rapid (20 mins), simple and sensitive method for detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. This innovative kit utilizes the activity of mycoplasma metabolic enzymes from most mycoplasma species, including those commonly found contaminating cell cultures. Since this enzyme is not present in eukaryotic cells, the test is specific for mycoplasma. In the presence of mycoplasma, the enzymes react with the substrate to catalyze the conversion of ADP to ATP. Mycoplasma contamination can be detected by measuring the level of ATP in a sample before and after the addition of Myco-Sniff-Rapid substrate via a luciferase assay.