Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 2200 RPM max.

Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 2200 RPM max.

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Product Description

A programmed centrifuge that helps in you run and save your protocols, that’s what Neuation tried in this equipment. A high end programmed clinical centrifuge that runs at a speed of 500 -2200 rpm, this is one thing which you would need to do your regular centrifugation activities in all kinds of experiments. Be it PCR or normal separation of macromolecules like DNA, RNA and Protein – this Clinical Centrifuge – 2200 RPM is one equipment that every researcher and medical professional relies on.

This Brushless DC motor run centrifuge have 2 skirted microplates, having 96 and 384 wells respectively. This ensures a massive sampling at a single and also the programming and running capacity of 99 protocols is another massive advantage for researches. Because, it is such a huge machine, the one step increase is 10 rpm. Timer settings range between 1 to 999 mins which means there’s a long scope for a large number of protocols.  Other safety systems such as the lid lock system enabling automatic lid opening after spin completion and one touch RPM to RCF are also present, making Clinical Centrifuge – 2200 RPM a useful instrument.