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Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 3200 RPM max.

Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 3200 RPM max.

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The importance of centrifuges in a molecular biology and clinical labs is immense. Keeping this in mind Neuation has designed a highly efficient Clinical Centrifuge 3200 RPM having an accuracy level of +/-10.rpm. Using this we can separate out various cell constituents including DNA, RNA, protein etc. This step of high essence in a cell biology and clinical lab.

The 7.7 Kg weight instrument can accommodate 3 tubes of 15ml and has a time duration ranging between 1 to 999 mins. The brushless motor used by Clinical Centrifuge 32000 RPM ensures a long shelf life without any maintenance. The microprocessor has memory which remembers the last run conditions and hence suggests speed and time accordingly. This helps researchers to automatically repeat experimental conditions without much of a hassle. There are different rotor choices and reduction adaptors available for different conditions, thus helping in maintaining multiple work protocols by the same machine. The machine has a speed range of 500 -3200 rpm and has all the necessary safety features such as

Automatic imbalance detector

Lid lock system which opens automatically after spin completion

One touch spin operation change from RPM to RCF.

All this ensures a safe and secure functioning machine and hence prolongs the life of the instrument. Added to this, the clinical centrifuge 3200 rpm has a programming which enables researchers to save and run as many as 99 protocols. This is the primary reason why most people go for this kind centrifuge machines for their lab.

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