Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 4000 RPM max.

Neuation Clinical Centrifuge - 4000 RPM max.

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iFugeC4000
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


A specialized instrument highly capable of separating constituents of blood sample and is regular used in blood culture experiments of molecular biology, this Neuation Product is often found in cell culture labs. The Clinical Centrifuge - 4000 RPM has a speed range of 500 4000 rpm and increases 10 rpm at a step. This multi-purpose centrifuge uses 3 types of rotors based on the sample and the required conditions. It comprises of a swing rotor with 6 slots for 10 ml tubes, a fixed angle rotor with 8 slots for 15ml tubes and another fixed angle rotor with 16 slots for 10 ml tubes.

The Clinical Centrifuge 4000 RPM has a timer setting of 1 999 mins and programming features by which you can save as many as 99 protocols and run them. The 7.7 kg instrument has a brushless DC motor which means it doesnt require any maintenance and has a long life. Safety features such as Lid Lock system where in the lead releases automatically after completing the spin and Imbalance detector are present. This makes the instrument a viable all-purpose equipment which will be useful in any bio lab.

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