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Neuation Doctor Centrifuge - 6500 RPM

Neuation Doctor Centrifuge - 6500 RPM

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iFugeD06
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Neuation understands the necessity of a world class equipment which is sturdy and highly efficient. Hence, without wasting anytime they have launched this highly durable and accurate centrifuge machine, so much so that even doctors can use it in their along with researchers. The Long life BLDC motor enabled maintenance free Doctor Centrifuge is an ideal instrument for various pathological and molecular experiments. From blood samples to PCR products it can handle all.

The equipment has a smart air flow system which prevents heating while the machine is in use. This ensures less contamination of samples. The Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM has 6 to 8 slots which can carry 10 -15 ml tubes in each of the slots. The speed ranges from 500 rpm to 6500rpm and can be increased at the rate of 100 rpm per step. There is a digital display setting which controls speed and time and has a timer setting ranging between 0.5 -30 mins. Safety metal lid and automatic lid lock system which automatically opens after completing the spin adds additional safety to the device. Unlike other centrifuges, Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM has adaptors which can be adjusted to all kinds collection tube sizes. General centrifuge features like Imbalance detector and Auto Cut Off and Error Display system are present to high efficiency and accuracy

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