Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge - 15000 RPM-iFugeD12

Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge - 15000 RPM-iFugeD12

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Product Description

A suitable good capacity centrifuge is an essential instrument in a molecular biology. Neuation’s products offer a wide range of centrifuge instruments which caters to the need of different experiments such as PCR, RFLP, and other high through-put experiments. This 12 solts micro centrifuge is ideal for molecular experiments because of its high accuracy and apparent stability of usage in both laminar hoods and cold rooms.

The Micro Centrifuge – 15000 rpm has 12 slots for 1.5 – 2.0 ml microtubes and has an optimum speed of 15000 rpm with a timer setting of 1 – 99 min. The instrument has a noise level of less than 60 db and has rotor with a screw on its lead which prevents contamination. As with other centrifuge, an imbalance detector is present which ensures opposite slots are equally balanced. The Micro Centrifuge – 15000 rpm has 2 PCR strip rotors, a Mini Hematocrit Rotor and 2 types of Reduction Adaptors. The simplistic intuitive interface along with an automatic lid lock safety system which opens up automatically after the rotor completes rotation makes the work easy for researchers. One can easily convert from RPM to RCM and regulate the machine with one touch short spin operation system. All of this speaks volumes about the utility of this machine in bio labs.