Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge15000 RPM max.-iFugeM24PR

Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge15000 RPM max.-iFugeM24PR

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iFugeM24PR
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


A micro centrifuge which has a large capacity and can run many samples at a time is often required in a molecular biology lab. Whether you are centrifuging PCR products or separating macromolecules like DNA, RNA and protein present in a solution, one needs a large capacity high efficiency centrifuge. Keeping this in mind, Neuation has created this machine which has 44 slots for 1.5-2ml microtubes.

This maintenance free Brushless DC Motor Micro Centrifuge 15000 RPM has a speed range between 5000 15000 rpm and has a timer settings of 1 999 mins. You can monitor it through a USB which enables Data Log connectivity and programming,. The rotors has screw in its lid which prevents contamination. Thereby keeping the solutions intact. Micro Centrifuge 15000 RPM has closed rotors that prevents heat generation when the machine is running. Apart from this, Lid Lock Safety opening the lid automatically after spin completion and one touch RPM to RCF conversion makes it a viable instrument for regular lab work.

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