Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 120 x 16 mm

Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 120 x 16 mm

Brand: Neuation

Catalog No.: SB100

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Product Description

The often used laboratory product, magnetic stirrer bars have been upgraded to better varieties by Neuation. Gone are the days of small magnetic bar used in beakers and conical flasks, nowadays they are as large as 120 mm by 16 mm. Priced at 2340 INR these are single unit coated magnetic stirrers which do not come with the magnetic stirrer stations.

Magnetic Bar 120 x 16 mm is ideally used for conical flasks containing large quantity of biological solutions such as enzymes, proteins, antibodies, dyes, cells and other such chemical compounds which cant be mixed with a simple shaking. In such cases, these Magnetic Bar 120 x 16mm are immersed into the liquid which is then gently stirred to create a magnetic field that rotates the magnetic stirrer bars. These rotating stirrers creates a vortex motion in the liquid and that serves our cause. As they dont react with the biological compounds present in the solution, the magnetic stirrers are greatly used in our day-to-day activities in a biological lab.