Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 35 x 8 mm

Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 35 x 8 mm

Brand: Neuation

Catalog No.: SB35

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Product Description

This 35 mm x 8 mm Magnetic Stirrer Bar by Neuation is ideal for solving your culture and solution mixing problems that you face in the lab. Whether you need to gently stir a solution or vigorously shake it to make homogenous mixture these magnetic stirrers can achieve that in no time. They are available in unit quantity for a price of 180 INR.

Magnetic Bar 35 x 8 mm is compatible with major magnetic stirrer station such as Neuations UNO Motorless Stirrer or Quattro Station Motorless Stirrer. These magnetic stirrers creates a vortex in the liquid by applying a magnetic field in the solution and these vortex mixes the solution properly, even if it contains cells and viscous solutions. Like other magnetic stirrers this too is coated with a non-reactive material and hence do not react with the solution and prevents contamination. Magnetic Bar 35 x 8 mm has the capacity to mix solution greater than 25ml by virtue of its length. Thus, the dimension is of primary importance and it is this, that determines which stirrer should be used, based on the lab utensil and quantity of the solution. This type of magnetic stirrer bars generally comes as a part of the iStir UNO+ Motorless Magnetic Stirrer Station.