Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 80 x 14 mm

Neuation Magnetic Stirrer Bar - 80 x 14 mm

Brand: Neuation

Catalog No.: SB80

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Product Description

Magnetic Stirrer Bars, the essential underrated lab equipment of molecular biology lab plays a pivotal role in most of our experiments. Nearly, all of our lab experiments requires mixture of complex heavy density macromolecules such as enzymes, proteins, cells, antibodies and other chemicals which can’t be mixed by ordinary stirring. Magnetic Stirrers such as Neuation’s Magnetic Bar 80 x 14 mm comes handy in such a situation. These coated horizontal magnetic bars are of the right length to be immersed in a liquid solution. The dimension is important as it determines how effectively it can stir the solution. So, a bigger volume of solution requires a large length of magnetic bars. Magnetic Bar 80 x 14 mm doesn’t come with regular magnetic stirrer stations but they are useful and are readily available as unit quantity priced at 1820 INR.

Like all other stirrers, this too works by rotating itself when you stir the solution and once it starts rotating a magnetic field is created which causes a rapid motion in the liquid sample called vortex. This vortex enables homogenous mixing of the solution. In case of magnetic stirrer stations, one doesn’t need to stir the solution for the initial rotating. Here the bars rotate automatically under the influence of the stirrer station.