Neuation Multipurpose Lab Centrifuge - 4500 RPM max.-iFugeL-30P

Neuation Multipurpose Lab Centrifuge - 4500 RPM max.-iFugeL-30P

Brand: Neuation

Catalog No.: iFugeL-30P

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Product Description

This is a specialized all-purpose centrifuge designed by Neuation. It is suitable for both clinical and pathological laboratory and research institute experiments. The key feature of Lab Centrifuge – 4500 RPM is its multiple rotors and automatic rotor detection system. Thus researchers need not switch from one rotor to another rather machine selects a rotor based on the sample and conditions given, The machine has more than 15 different rotors each having different angle and swing and hence we can select a work protocol according to our necessity.

The Brushless DC motor of the Lab Centrifuge – 4500 RPM ensures longer life expectancy without any maintenance. The instrument has a speed range between 500 – 4500 rpm and can be set for 30 seconds -999 mins. There are 9 different acceleration and deceleration modes in the machine along with remote operation capability by USB. One can load 4 tubes of 100 ml of samples in this instrument. Other safety facilities like imbalance detection, Emergency Lid Release, Lid Lock Safety System that opens the lead after spin completion automatically and one touch rpm and rcf toggle features are present. Added to this is the provision of ultra-spin short spin operation and ultra-quiet system greatly reduces time constraint and machine noise.