Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 15 Prime

Neuation Overhead Stirrers - iStir OH 15 Prime

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: OHS1-2201
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Overhead stirrers are primary importance in many R & D laboratories specially those who work with high volumes of high viscosity solutions on a regular basis. Neuations range of products help a great deal in this matter. The Overhead Stirrer 20L is an ideal equipment for this purpose which mixes solutions such highly viscous cell culture with utmost precision.

This brushless DC motor operated machine has a smart built and has speed of 50 to 1000 rpm which can be controlled according to your need. The Overhead 20L has a large display and a smart control speed which can handle up to 20L volume. They have an over-current and over-temperature feature which prevents heating and maintains the safety and security of the lab atmosphere. It has control speed and smart stirring which ensures that speed and constant stirring is maintained even when viscosity changes. The power intermittent mode ensures that the machine records the spin in case of a power failure and starts working where it has left off once power restores. This ensures no half done or overdone stirring and no need of monitoring the process. It has a viscosity range of 8000 mPas and running time of 1 min to 99 hr and 59 mins to infinity. Based on your necessity you can manipulate and set the time duration.

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