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Neuation Shaker - 5kg 3D shaker- 10 to 120 RPM

Neuation Shaker - 5kg 3D shaker- 10 to 120 RPM

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iShak3D-5
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
  • Availability: In stock

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Having just stirrers and tube rotators isnt enough for most molecular biology and biological labs as they often have to work with different culture tubes and falcon tubes for collecting and analysing tissues and cell samples. For this a 3D shaker is needed and Neuation has paid heed to that necessity and introduced a range of products including this 3D shaker 120 RPM.

As the name suggests, 3D shaker 120 RPM is a 3 dimensional tumbling and rocking motion equipment having a variable speed 15 - 120 rpm which increases at a rate of 5 rpm per step. The instrument has a tumbling angle of 7 degrees and runs for a duration of 1-999mins or infinite mode. It comes equipped with a sticky pad mats and a spiked rubber mat and has a plate size of 350mm by 350mm dimension which can hold upto 20-22 large falcon tubes. The instrument comes with non-slip rubber feet which makes it stable for operation.The IP 21 Class Protection means it can be easily removed and cleaned without much of a hassle. All these features makes 3D shaker 120 RPM the ultimate equipment to be used in a bio-lab.

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