Neuation Smart Personal Centrifuge 6000 RPM

Neuation Smart Personal Centrifuge 6000 RPM

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Product Description

Amongst Neuations wide range of centrifuges, this stands out because of its relatively small footprint and ease of usage. This equipment is widely used in biological laboratories for daily experiments such as PCR product mixing, RFLP and other such experiments. As it requires less bench space, it can be kept inside laminar hoods and in cold storage rooms. This ensures its usability in all types of conditions, across a wide range of temperature.

The Personal Centrifuge 6000 RPM has a rotor speed of 6000 rpm and has 8 slots. Each having a capacity to hold 1.5 2.0 ml microtubes. Closed Rotors, PCR strip rotors and reduction adaptors are some of the essential features which ensures safety and security, preventing of any kind of mishaps in the lab. Furthermore, presence of an electronic safety brake ensures that the personal centrifuge 6000 rpm can be controlled. The closed rotor maintains the temperature of the samples by preventing excessive heat generation from the machine. The expected accuracy of the instrument is +/- 100 rpm which is exceptionally good for all kinds of molecular biology experiments.