Neuation Tube Roller - Blood Tubes Rotator - 10 tubes

Neuation Tube Roller - Blood Tubes Rotator - 10 tubes

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Product Description

Neuation’s high end customized solutions has provided researchers the most viable and durable equipment which has become an invincible part of their daily lab work. This instrument too is an inevitable part of molecular biology labs and diagnostic centres as it is this Blood tube rotator that provide the adequate conditions and specifications necessary to mix a wide range of high viscous solution present in different types of test tubes.

The Blood tube rotator is an AC Synchronous motor run instrument which has a speed range of 30 rpm with an accuracy of +/-2 rpm. The equipment can carry a range of different volumes of test tubes as given below:

·         10 test tubes of 6 ml capacity each

·         9 test tubes of 15 ml capacity each

·         4 test tubes of 50 ml capacity each.

The maximum loading capacity of the instrument is 1 kg and it has running time of both continuous and infinite mode. The Blood tube rotator is quite handy as you can easily clean and remove the parts without much difficulty. The machine follows circular motion of mixing and hence provides a gentle and effective mixing mechanism. All this makes this 10 test tube capacity machine an ideal equipment for most cell culture labs and diagnostic centres.