Neuation Vortex Mixer -Variable

Neuation Vortex Mixer -Variable

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These DC motor run Vortex Mixer by Neuation finds a place in most molecular biology labs due to their relative ease of usage and user-friendly interface. Vortex Mixer 4500 rpm has a variable speed which can be controlled based on your experimental conditions. Since speed and time are depicted and you can easily control both so you can use this to mix and precipitate all kinds of solutions. From mixing carbohydrates, lipids, proteins to make a homogenous solution for their estimation to making a homogenous solution enzymes added to a substrate or just simple mixing antibody and antigen solution, all can be done by this equipment. Generally vortex mixers has a speed of 300 rpm - 4200 rpm but these newly improved Vortex Mixer 4500 rpm takes it to another level by providing a speed range between 2500 rpm to 4500 rpm. They have AI based suction caps which provides stability to the machine while under operation. It has 500 gm load capacity with a digital display making it easy to monitor. Using this, researchers can employ the desired speed and mix solutions to the extent they want. Variable Vortex Mixers can be used both under a hood and in cold rooms, thus extending its utility in the molecular biology labs. Thus, many experiments which requires low temperatures can be done using Vortex Mixer 4500 rpm.

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