Nitrogen Gas Plant-ATNG-100

Nitrogen Gas Plant-ATNG-100

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Product Description

Nitrogen Gas Plant is  supplied by Athena Technology.It uses advanced PSA technology to  separate N2 from the air.PSA technology delivers high purity nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve has the different absorbing ability with nitrogen and oxygen. Under some pressure, the carbon molecular sieve could absorb oxygen, thus left nitrogen could be collected. After purification, pure nitrogen is produced. When released pressure, carbon molecular sieve could release collected oxygen into the air. In next step, it could adsorb oxygen to produce nitrogen again. The whole process is cycled. Nitrogen is produced on continuous basis. N2 output flow and pressure are both quite stable. It is very safe to use, long lifetime, stable quality, and very easy to use. It could completely meet the requirement for kinds of GC.


• Supplies ideal ultra-pure nitrogen for GC (Gas Chromatography), LC/MS(Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy) and Thermal Analyzer.

• Continuously generate ultra-pure nitrogen through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

• No longer need to use inconvenient and dangerous high-pressure nitrogen cylinders in the laboratory. Compact structure.

• Take up very little laboratory space.





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