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Nystatin Suspension 10000U/ml

Nystatin Suspension 10000U/ml

  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: A012-5X50ML
  • Quantity/Unit: 5x50ml/EA
  • Usually Shipped in: 2-3 Weeks

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Nystatin Suspension With 10,000 units Nystatin per ml in Dulbeccos Phosphate Buffered Saline is supplied by HiMedia. It is available in the form of a yellow suspension with a pH in the range of 6.4 to 7.0 and an osmolality between 280.00 -320.00 mOsm/Kg H2O. It is advisable to store this product at -20C. Aqueous suspension should be stored away from bright light as it is light sensitive. Factors such as heat, light and oxygen accelerate the process of decomposition of Nystatin.

Molecular Formula: C47H75NO17

Molecular Weight: 926.1

CAS number: 1400-61-9

Nystatin is a polyene antifungal agent effective against molds and yeasts, including Candida. It was originally extracted from bacteria Streptomyces noursei in 1950. Like amphotericin B, nystatin also binds with ergosterol, a major component of fungal cell membrane, forming pores in the membrane. The resultant loss of cations (e. g. K+, Na+, H+), and/or other low molecular weight substances including sugars, amino acids or nucleotides, the increase or amplification of Na2+/K+ pump activity in addition to the inhibitory effect through these channels in the extracellular space of several membrane bound enzymes collectively lead to fungal death. Ergosterol is unique to fungi, so the drug does not have any adverse effect on animal cells.