PFA Volumetric Flask Class A Material: PFA 100 ml

PFA Volumetric Flask Class A Material: PFA 100 ml

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Catalog No.: 323040

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Product Description

323040 is referred as Volumetric Flask Class A under  Tarson catalogue, category Flask. 323040 Volumetric Flask is made up of PFA , perfluoroalkoxy material confirming to US FDA 21 CFR. These flasks are  autoclavable. These flasks have tolerance as per DIN EN ISO 1042.  323040 Volumetric Flasks come with individually calibrated ring mark ,imprinted lot number and certificate. These flasks are translucent. These volumetric flasks are used to  measure accurate volumes of liquid materials for laboratory experiments.

• Specifications: 323040 Volumetric Flask is of 100 ml capacity. These flasks come with PFA screw cap. These flasks are suitable for use within elemental trace analysis. Each pack contains 1 flask.