P'fact 0.2 ml Flat Cap Clear Tubes

P'fact 0.2 ml Flat Cap Clear Tubes

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Brand: P'fact

Catalog No.: PF-PC-001

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Product Description

P'fact 0.2 ml Flat Cap Clear Tubes is a product from P'fact Brand. PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction is a very common and useful technique used in in research, forensic, industrial and diagnostic laboratories. The technique aims at creating multiple copies of particular regions of a nucleic acid with the help of a series of temperature dependent reactions. The PCR reaction mixture contains enzymes, co-factors, primers, target nucleic acids, dNTPs, etc. P'fact 0.2 ml Flat Cap Clear Tubes are special tubes which are designed to hold the PCR reaction mix in a Thermocycler. The tube is treated to be free of RNases, DNases, any human DNA, endotoxins or heavy metals. Hence, users can expect minimal extraneous interference. The flat cap of the tube makes it easy to close and is compatible with the lid of most thermocyclers.

Product specifications:

Product name: P'fact 0.2 ml Flat Cap Clear Tubes

Catalogue number: PF-PC-001

Volume capacity of the tube: 0.2 mL


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