P'fact 1.7 ml Graduated Micro Centrifuge Tube, Sterile

P'fact 1.7 ml Graduated Micro Centrifuge Tube, Sterile

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Brand: P'fact

Catalog No.: PCT-017-S-B

Quantity/Unit: 10 Packs/Case

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Product Description

P'fact 1.7 ml Graduated Micro Centrifuge Tube, Sterile is a product from P'fact Brand. This tube is designed to support high speed centrifugation of samples to up to 20000 RCF. The tube has the following features:

(a) The clear and transparent surface is made of an FDA approved resin. It allows the user to easily monitor the contents of the tube. Also, it allows accurate spectrophotometric reading.

(b) The tubes are DNase, RNase, heavy metal and pyrogen-free and hence can be used for sensitive applications like nucleic acid isolation.

(c) Tube supports experiments where extreme temperatures are required. It can withstand a wide temperature range of -80 to 121°C.

(d) The walls of the tube, which have a large writing surface, and the flat, frosted lid can be used for clear labelling of the tube for easy identification.

(e) A thin cap membrane is provided so to allow convenient needle-piercing.

(f) The cap has an easy-seal design so that users can open and close the cap with a single hand, thus preventing any hindrance to the work-flow.

(g) The walls of the tube are provided with graduation marks to allow accurate volume estimations.

(h) This product is sterilized to suit the needs of cell culture and other sensitive procedures.

Product specifications:

Product name: P'fact 1.7 ml Graduated Micro Centrifuge Tube Sterile

Catalogue number: PCT-1.7-S-B

Volume capacity: 1.7 mL


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