Pipette, Fixed Volume, 1000 uL

Pipette, Fixed Volume, 1000 uL

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: F-1000

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Product Description

Pipette, fixed volume, 1000 ul (1ml); supplied by ANM industries, used to dispense the same quantity of liquid every time. It has a single channel. These pipetting units help in easy dispensing of  dense and viscous liquids. 


•Equipped with high grade engineering plastics

•   Volume setting becomes accurate due to the click-stop digital system. 

• Color coded for easy identification

• Calibration of 1000ul micropipette conforms to DIN 12650 & ENISO 8655 standards. Calibration report enclosed with every pipette. Easy to calibrate.

• Allows the user to work at a faster pace without having to constantly change the volume setting on the side or top of the pipette. 

•1000ul micropipette measures and delivers accurate volumes of liquid

• Fully autoclavable

•1000ul micropipete has wide applications in chemistry, biology, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs. 

• Portable

• Ergonomic design ensures light weight and soft plunger movement

• More durable 



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