Probe Sonicator -ATP-150

Probe Sonicator -ATP-150

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: ATP-150

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator, Athena Ultrasonic Processor (Probe Sonicator) Model: ATP-120, ATP-150, ATP-250& 500 Major Function: Standard probe TITANIUM Alloy material Piezoelectric frequency energy converter Auto-tuning and power control convenience for user.Timer control the total working time from 1min to 99min;Set TEMP (100°C) as per required Display the remaining time on countdown state.Digital Display with Microprocessor Control Programmable in 10 USER Settings ON/OFF impulse timer: make sure to deal with temperature sensitive sample. On and off can be choose to continue setting from 1s, 4s or 8sVariable amplitude control: 0 - 100%Digital operation, easy, direct type Ultrasonic Homogenizer Ultrasonic Homogenizers are recommended for homogenization and analysis of laboratory samples that do not require traditional grinding or rotor-stator cutting techniques for processing.The ATHENA Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. In biological applications,Probe Sonicator is often used to disrupt cell membranes and release cellular contents. Probe Sonicator is also used to fragment molecules of DNA. Probe Sonicator is commonly used in nanotechnology for evenly dispersing nanoparticles in liquids and for breaking down particles to nano size.Timer: digital 1 min -90 min adjustable Power adjustable:20%- 100%, Impulse: digital closed loop, open loop: 1s,4s, 8sPiezoelectric frequency energy converter: Lead zirconate TITANIUM(PZT) pyro electric ceramics .Standard probe: titanium alloy material Diameter (probe):3mm /6mm /9-10mm /12mm.Power Supply: AC 230, 50 Hz/60 Hz


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