PureLab Option Q7

PureLab Option Q7

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PURELAB Option-Q7, by Elga, is a water deioniser and provides type I ultrapure water. This equipment generates ultrapure water from potable tap water and has the capacity to produce up to 100 litres of 18.2 MO.cm ultrapure water. To maintain the purity of the water, the purified water is recirculated through a wrap-around reservoir. Elga also offers an optional ELGA Biofilter which can be fitted onto the water purifier to get rid of biological impurities. Such water can be used for RNA experiments, which require nuclease free ultrapure water. The PURELAB Option-Q7, by Elga is built to comply with GLP guidelines and can collect data through an RS232 interface.

  • Volume: 100 L
  • Flow rate: 1 L/min
  • Water quality: Type I ultrapure water

PURELAB Option-Q7 is a single system solution for life sciences application and analytical practices.


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