Recombinant Trypsin, cell culture grade

Recombinant Trypsin, cell culture grade

Brand: Bangalore GeNei

Catalog No.: 1744100101730

Quantity/Unit: 10 gm/Pack

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Product Description

 Trypsin is an enzyme which catalyses the proteolysis of proteins. It belongs to the family of serine proteases and it naturally occurs in the small intestine of vertebrates, where it is responsible for the break down of proteins in the food. In animal cell culture trypsin is a commonly used reagent. Here it is used to detach cells from cell culture plates. Cells adhere to culture plates via some proteins and to detach these cells, trypsin is added at low concentrations to digest the proteins and free the cells. But it is important to optimize the concentration of trypsin used as high concentrations tend to be toxic to cells. The Recombinant Trypsin, cell culture grade, lyophilized powder from Genei is supplied for cell culture applications. The recombinant trypsin is an alternative to the animal-derived trypsin, which is very difficult to procure. The recombinant trypsin is isolated from recombinant microorganisms designed to produce trypsin. This product from Genei has high purity to suit cell culture applications and it is provided as a lyophilized powder.

Product specifications:

Product name: Recombinant Trypsin, cell culture grade, lyophilized powder 

Concentration: (2500 USP units/mg) 1 gm 

Quantity: 10 g

Brand: Genei

Catalogue number: 1740000000000