Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator-3070

Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator-3070

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Product Description

Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator is supplied by Tarsons.It is suitable for mixing applications in laboratory.It can be  utilized for all manner of laboratory mixing applications, including preparation of blood cell suspensions and washing precipitates in solvent solutions.It is Used to mix samples by providing good degrees of process automation for laboratories of varying throughputs. Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator  is widely used for biochemistry, molecular biology and clinical applications.It is demanded to ensure controlled rotary motions with good mixing applications.


• Provides mixing for diffusion, dialysing, extraction etc.

• Rotation can be set from 5-50 RPM

• Timer can be set from 0-99 hrs 1-59 min. Rotating disks for tube dia 10-30 mm.

• Plastic coated spring clips. Rotating disk must be ordered separately.

• Angle of Roatation adjustable from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end over end mixing.