SABORAUD DEXTROSE AGAR PLATE (gamma - irradiated) (Triple Pack), 100 Plts

SABORAUD DEXTROSE AGAR PLATE (gamma - irradiated) (Triple Pack), 100 Plts

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  • Brand: TM MEDIA
  • Catalog No.: TSP060GT-100Plts
  • Quantity/Unit: 100 Plts/Pack
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SABORAUD DEXTROSE AGAR PLATE ( - irradiated) (Triple Pack)

Saboraud Dextrose Agar Plate is supplied by TM Media. Saboraud Dextrose Agar Plate (SDA) is a growth medium composed of peptones and is utilized to culture various fungi, including dermatophytes, and filamentous bacteria. These plates are used to cultivate yeast, molds, and aciduric microorganisms. Saboraud Dextrose Agar plate medium's acidic pH restricts bacterial growth while promoting the growth of yeasts and most filamentous fungi. It is used to assess the mycological properties of food, identify contamination in cosmetics, and clinically diagnose yeast and fungal infections. The formulation of this medium includes pancreatic digest of casein, a peptic digest of animal tissue, dextrose and agar. The mycological peptone, which is a blend of animal and plant peptones, supplies amino acids and nitrogenous compounds, while dextrose serves as a source of carbon and energy. These elements contribute to the quick growth of fungi. Meanwhile, the agar, a solidifying agent, aids in obtaining detailed morphology of the colony.

Product Features :

  • Size - 55 mm contact plates
  • Colour - Light amber coloured
  • Storage Temperature- 15-25C
  • pH - 5.6
  • Sterilization - Gamma-irradiation

Product Specifications :

  • Product Name -Saboraud Dextrose Agar Plate
  • Catalog Number -TSP060GT-100Plts
  • Quantity - 100 plates

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