Slopping Plane Still Head-8841734

Slopping Plane Still Head-8841734

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Brand: Borosil

Catalog No.: 8841734

Quantity/Unit: 1 pc/Case

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Product Description

Slopping Plane Still Head-8841734 are supplied from Borosil. Adaptors are useful volume handling laboratory tools. They are used for easy and safe handling and transferring of liquids from one container to another. They are usually fitted on to the mouth of other glassware such as bottles and flasks and allow users to transfer liquids. Sloping Plane Still Head is a product from Borosil. These adaptors are compatible with several other glassware such as flasks and condensers and can be used in a flexible manner depending on the needs of the user. The product has the following features:

- The product is made from Borosilicate glass.

- The manufacturing process of the adaptors ensure high quality and precision.

- The unit has an upper and lower joint which is connected to a straight neck.

- The middle section of the unit has a sloping plane still head.

Product specifications:

Product name: Sloping Plane Still Head

Brand: Borosil

Catalogue number: 8841734

Socket Joint Size: 34/35

Cond. Cone: 24/29

Socket: 14/23

Quantity: 5 adaptors per unit


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