Spacer For Electrophoresis 1 mm

Spacer For Electrophoresis 1 mm

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Tarsons spacers can be efficiently used in vertical electrophoresis setups such as that of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis systems. Researchers can use these spacers to accurately create a gap of 1 mm between the glass plate supports. In vertical gel electrophoresis, the gels are poured and set in between two standing rectangular glass plates. This is because there are two stacking and separation gels which need to be layered in sequence, and that the gel requires absence of oxygen molecules to polymerize. In order to ensure that a very slim gap of around 1 mm is evenly present between the glass plates, two slim strips act as spacers and determine the thickness of the gel. Thickness: 1 mm Quantity provided: 4 spacers per pack Compatible with various vertical electrophoresis glass plates Researchers can use these spacers for creating gels required for separating and estimating the size of various macromolecules including proteins following denaturation. Vertical electrophoresis is used in various forms of protein sequencing including peptide mapping, estimation of protein purity, monitoring the integrity of proteins, studying antibody molecules, staining proteins in gels and detection of protein ubiquitination. It is also used to transfer bands in Western blotting procedures. Other applications are found in various fields of forensics, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology.


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