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Standard Kinematic Viscosity Bath, with 4 holes

Standard Kinematic Viscosity Bath, with 4 holes

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  • Brand: ANM Industries
  • Catalog No.: KVB-04-E
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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Standard Kinematic Viscosity Bath, with 4 holes; manufactured by ANM Industries, is utilized to measure kinematic viscosity of different types of oils such as crude oil, lubricating fluid, diesel fuel and peanut oil etc. It has glass wool insulation which prevents heat loss in viscoscity bath. It has wide applications in different parts of industries including automobile and food industries and pharmaceutical laboratories etc.

FEATURES of Standard Kinematic Visocisty Bath:

Capacity: 4 Holes

Voltage: 230V

Temperature: Ambient +5 to 120 Deg C

Confirms to specifications as per ASTM D-445 & 446, IP-71 standards.

Double walled constructions, outer body made of heavy gauge mild steel, painted with powder coated paint, inside made of stainless steel.

Leak proof argon arc welded & fine finished joints.

Toughened glass windows fitted on front and rear sides of the bath

In-built light arrangement

A stirrer is provided for turbulence free agitation & uniform temperature throughout the bath

Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller cum indicator and PT-100 sensor