Sterile Discs(6mm)

Sterile Discs(6mm)

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Brand: Micromaster

Catalog No.: AS120

Quantity/Unit: 100 discs/Vial

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Product Details

Sterile discs (6mm) are supplied by Micromaster. They have a diameter of 6mm. These discs can be used to test a variety of antibiotics, carbohydrates, substrates, antiseptics on bacteria in petri dishes. Soak a disc in a solution or apply some solution on the discs. Then let dry and place it in an inoculated agar plate. Each disc will absorb exactly the same amount of liquid. 

• Quantity provided: 100 discs/vial

Sterile discs can be also used for disc diffusion test. The disk diffusion test, or agar diffusion test, or Kirby–Bauer test (disc-diffusion antibiotic susceptibility test, disc-diffusion antibiotic sensitivity test, KB test), is a test of the antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria. It uses antibiotic discs to test the extent to which bacteria are affected by those antibiotics. In this test, discs containing antibiotics are placed on an agar plate where bacteria have been placed, and the plate is left to incubate. If an antibiotic stops the bacteria from growing or kills the bacteria, there will be an area around the wafer where the bacteria have not grown enough to be visible. This is called a zone of inhibition.



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