Storage Vial 10 ml Sterile

Storage Vial 10 ml Sterile

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Product Description

Storage Vial is supplied by Tarsons. These vials are pre-sterilized and have a capacity of 10ml. These vials can be used for storing biological material, human and animal cells. The cap is provided with a built-in seal ring which makes the vial leakproof. The base of the vial has longitudinal grooves which gives it a non-twisting character when placed in a vial rack.

• Quantity provided: 300 pieces/pack

A vial (or a phial or flacon) is a small glass or plastic vessel or bottle which is widely used in autosampler devices in analytical chromatography. Vials can be made from plastic or glass. There are often used as storage for small quantities of liquid used in medical or molecular biology applications. There are several different types of commonly used closure systems. For glass vials, options include screw vials (closed with a screw cap or dropper/pipette), lip vials (closed with a cork or plastic stopper) and crimp vials (closed with a rubber stopper and a metal cap). Plastic vials, which can be moulded in plastic, can have other closure systems, such as 'hinge caps' which snap shut when pressed. These are sometimes called flip-tops or snap caps. The bottom of a vial is usually flat, unlike test tubes, which have usually a rounded bottom, but this is often not the case for small hinge-cap or snap-top vials.