Streptavidin - ALP, 0.5 ml

Streptavidin - ALP, 0.5 ml

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
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Specific antibodies are used commonly for the identification and characterization of proteins during techniques such as ELISA, immune-electrophoresis, western blotting etc. These antibodies can be monoclonal or polyclonal, based on the requirement of the assay. The antibodies can also be conjugated to several labels, which can be used to detect the antibodies bound to specific target antigens for quantitative and qualitative analysis. One such label is biotin which has a very strong interaction with a bacterial protein known as streptavidin. To identify the binding of biotin labelled antibodies to a specific antigen, streptavidin conjugated with Alkaline phosphatase is used. When a suitable fluorogenic substrate is provided, the alkaline phosphatase bound to the streptavidin cleaves the substrate, giving a quantifiable fluorescence. The Streptavidin-ALP conjugate is provided by Genei for use in assays such as ELISA, western blot, etc for detection of biotin labelled antibodies.

Product specification:

Product name: Streptavidin ALP conjugate

Quantity: 0.5 mL

Brand: Genei

Catalogue number:1100575001730

Storage: -20C