Sucrose (Molecular grade)

Sucrose (Molecular grade)

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Brand: MP Biomedicals

Catalog No.: 219401894

CAS No: 57-50-1

Quantity/Unit: 5 kg/Bottle

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Sucrose by MP Biomedicals is a high grade reagent. It is a disaccharide, a molecule composed of the two monosaccharides glucose and fructose. It is available as a white powder which is soluble in water. Although sucrose is commonly found in plants, table sugar is a refined manufactured product. For human consumption, it is extracted, and refined, from either sugar cane or sugar beet. Sucrose decomposes at 186 C. CAS Number: 57-50-1 Quantity provided: 5 kg per bottle Molecular Formula: C12H22O11 Molecular weight: 342.30 Sucrose has wide range of applications in biological and chemical industries. Sucrose is used in molecular biology for the preparation of density gradients. Isopycnic centrifugation in a discontinuous sucrose density gradient e.g. in the isolation of mRNA from membrane-bound polysomes. Sucrose is extensively used as an ingredient in food production and food recipes. It may also be incorporated in various cultural media or fermentation media batches to provide nutrition to growing microorganisms. It is also added to plant and insect media and can also be used in various enzymatic assays. These reagents can be used in industrial synthesis of various chemical products and can also be used widely in research applications, especially molecular biology procedures.


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