SureBlot Nitrocellulose membrane 0.2um

SureBlot Nitrocellulose membrane 0.2um

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Product Description

Sure-Blot Nitrocellulose membranes are supplied by ATCG, India. They primarily aid in blotting of proteins from electrophoresis gels. Proteins from the gel move into the membrane through capillary action, along with the transfer buffer. The proteins bind to the membrane through hydrophobic interactions. It has a membrane porosity of 0.2 m and a size of 3 m x 30 cm.

• Quantity: 1 Roll/pack

Nitrocellulose membranes are a popular matrix used in protein blotting because of their high protein-binding affinity, compatibility with a variety of detection methods (chemiluminescence, chromogenic, and fluorescence), and the ability to immobilize proteins, glycoproteins, or nucleic acids. Protein immobilization is thought to occur by hydrophobic interactions, and high salt and low methanol concentrations help improve protein immobilization to the membrane during electrophoretic transfer, especially for proteins with higher molecular weights. Nitrocellulose membranes are not optimal for electrophoretic transfer of nucleic acids, as the high salt concentrations that are required for efficient binding will effectively elute some or all of the charged nucleic acid fragments. Sure-Blot Nitrocellulose membrane can be used in laboratories for routine protein transfers and for the detection of low molecular weight proteins where nitrocellulose membranes of lower pore size (like 0.2 m) are preferred.  The membrane gives neat results with low background.


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