Swab Stick,Cotton-Sterile

Swab Stick,Cotton-Sterile

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Brand: Micromaster

Catalog No.: CRA005-100PC

Quantity/Unit: 100/pack

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High grade sterile cotton swab sticks are supplied by Micromaster. They have a cotton bud with Polypropylene stick in HDPE tubes and the dimensions are 150 mm x 12 mm. They are stable as long as they are stored below 45⁰C as they might lose their potency/ performance if the temperature is increased.

• Quantity provided: 100/pack

Sterile cotton swabs are often used to take microbiological cultures. They are rubbed onto or into the infected area, then wiped across the culture medium, such as an agar plate, where bacteria transferred from the swab, may grow. They are also used to take DNA samples generally by scraping cells from the inner cheek in the case of humans. Cotton swabs can be used to apply medicines to a targeted area, to selectively remove substances from a targeted area, or to apply cleaning substances like Betadine.


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