Tough - Tags, 1.28 inches x 0.50 inches-U10201

Tough - Tags, 1.28 inches x 0.50 inches-U10201

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Brand: ABDOS

Catalog No.: U10201

Quantity/Unit: 1000/Case

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Product Description

 U10201 is referred as Tough - Tag under Abdos Life Sciences catalogue, category  cooler and cryoware. Tough tags are generally used to label 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml tubes. These tough tags are made up of polyester sheets. These are chemically inert and resistant to most of the organic solvents and causative agents. Tough tags are capable of adhering most of the tubes made up of plastic.  U10201 Tough tags as the name suggests, are able to withstand wide range of temperature from -40°C to 121°C that is from boiling water bath, autoclaving to moderate freezer temperature.  They are suitable for micro centrifuge tubes and able to slide in and out of the centrifuge without binding.

•Specifications: U10201 Tough tags are of 1.28 inches x 0.50 inches size. Each case contains 1000 tags.