TRUTH Filling Syringes Wide Mouth Glass Tip, 100 ML

TRUTH Filling Syringes Wide Mouth Glass Tip, 100 ML

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  • Brand: TRUTH
  • Catalog No.: 16-15-04-08
  • Quantity/Unit: 1/pack
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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Glass syringes with a wide mouth are used in a slightly different manner as compared to the usual syringes. While normal syringes deliver small volumes of fluid at a time, the wide mouth syringes are intended to transfer much larger volumes. The brand Truth manufactures glass syringes with a wide mouth. The instrument is made of hard borosilicate glass. The barrel is well calibrated to allow precise and easy volume measurements. It is designed to fit into commonly used vials, ampoules and other bottle filling machines. Since borosilicate is heat resistant, this syringe is safe to use even near flames. It is also a breakage-resistant material and can withstand shock and sudden temperature changes. This syringe is user-friendly and offers a convenient finger-tip grip. This is ensured by a flat barrel rim and preventing rolling. The syringes are also tested for internal strain that may develop due to repeated washing with hot water. This is achieved by annealing. Specifications: Product: Filling Glass Syringe with a wide mouth Brand: Truth Volume: 100 mL Material: Borosilicate glass Quantity: 1 per pack

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