TRUTH Toomey 'Allo' Endoscopy Syringe Without Nozzle, 100 ML

TRUTH Toomey 'Allo' Endoscopy Syringe Without Nozzle, 100 ML

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  • Brand: TRUTH
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


The Toomey Allo Endoscopy Syringe without Nozzle is designed particularly for endoscopy uses and attachments. It can be used for post-operative aspiration. The syringes have a metal adaptor which is constructed within a glass barrel. Custom-made adaptors for the Toomey Allo Endoscopy Syringe are also available. The syringes are prepared such that they are perfectly matched to the barrel and the plunger. They three components fit in together with no gaps. To improve the fluency of the barrel, they are frosted. The following steps may be followed during endoscope reprocessing, pre-cleaning, manual cleaning, rinsing, high level disinfection, re-rinsing and drying. Specifications: Product: Toomey Allo Endoscopy Syringe with Nozzle Brand: Truth Quantity: 1 per pack Volume: 100 mL Graduation: 5 mL

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