Tygon Laboratory Tubing-730060

Tygon Laboratory Tubing-730060

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Product Description

Tygon Lab. Tubing is supplied by Tarsons. They have a dimension of 12.7 X 15.9 mm (15 Mtr)

• Quantity provided: 1 piece/pack

Flexible tubing is often used for a variety of purposes in a laboratory. It is an integral part of the peristaltic pump and in chromatography, it used to get the eluent from the pump to the column, from the column to the detector, and finally from the detector to the fraction collector. A wide range of tubing made from inexpensive materials are available for laboratory use. The different materials have different physical properties and different chemical compatibilities. Vinyl tubing is the least expensive and most commonly used tubing. It is soft, flexible and transparent. It is compatible with most aqueous solutions, including dilute acids and bases. Silicone tubing is the softest and most flexible tubing. It is translucent white; you can see light through the tubing and easily locate a meniscus, but not see shapes through the tubing. Polyethylene tubing is a "semi-rigid" tubing material. It can handle significantly high pressures than either the vinyl or silicone tubing. While it is still a translucent material, it is significantly opaquer than silicone, which makes it difficult to determine the position of either a meniscus or an air bubble. Polyethylene tubing is ideal for plumbing a low-pressure chromatography system. PVC tubing can be used for lab, research, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medic manufacture and vapor transfer applications.


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