Ultra IBD 5um, 150 x 4.6mm

Ultra IBD 5um, 150 x 4.6mm

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Ultra IBD Columns is supplied by Restek. It is one of the most versatile columns available today, which is polar embedded and acts as a strong Hydrogen bonder.These columns are designed for selective and reliable HPLC applications.It separates acids, bases, zwitterions and neutral compounds.It has highly-retentive phase, which has Improved LC/MS sensitivity and HPLC resolution.It can be used with a wide range of mobile phase polarity and pH. The Ultra IBD column performs well even under neutral pH mobile phase conditions.The Ultra IBD is offered in 5m, spherical Type B silica with a 150 mm column length.

Particle Size: 5 m, spherical

Pore Size: 100

Carbon Load: 12%

End-Cap: no

pH Range: 2.5 to 8

Temperature Limit: 80C

USP Phase Code: L68

Phase Category: polar-embedded alkyl

Ligand Type: proprietary polar functional embedded alkyl

It promises:

Higher efficiency for drastically faster analysis times.

Better selectivity for substantially improved resolution.

Increased sample throughput with existing HPLC instrumentation.

Long-lasting ruggedness for dependable reproducibility.

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