Ultrasonic cleaner, 2 Ltr.

Ultrasonic cleaner, 2 Ltr.

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Brand: U R Biocoction

Catalog No.: UC

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Product Description

Ultrasonic cleaner is a product supplied by URBIOCOCTION. Ultrasonic cleaners are instruments which uses ultrasound within the frequency of 20-40 Hz for clean surfaces of glassware, etc. The ultrasonic sound agitates water or any other cleaning liquid in which the surface to be cleaned is placed. The cleaners can be used in laboratories for cleaning laboratory glassware such as flasks, pipettes, plastic equipment, etc. While cleaners do not sterilize the objects, they can be used to remove any external contamination on surfaces. The ultrasonic cleaners from URBIOCOCTION have the following features:

- A Complete stainless-steel tank is provided, which ensures greater durability and life.

- The instrument comes with a bucket and a lid.

- Deep drawn tank is provided.

- The ultrasonic cleaner uses a frequency of 40 Hz for cleaning.

- An adjustable Digital timer, with a time limit of  1-30 minute, is given for greater convenience.

Product specifications:

Product name: Ultrasonic cleaner


Catalogue number: UC

Digital timer – RT + 5°C to 80°C Adjustable (±5°C).

Power supply – 220-230V, 50 – 60 Hz

Size– 2 liter 


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