Ultrasonic cleaner with Chiller -ATUC-50

Ultrasonic cleaner with Chiller -ATUC-50

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: ATUC-50

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Product Description

Ultrasonic cleaner with Chiller is supplied by Athena Technology. The ultrasonic energy is produced by converting electrical energy into mechanical vibrations by using generator and piezo electric transducer. It removes all dirt & foreign bodies from components which are immersed in the cleaning liquid. Ultrasonic Generator will generate heat during the process of cleaning. The Chiller System regulates the temperature and reduces the evaporation of the costly solvent. The copper cooling coils around the outer surface of the tank are properly insulated & are connected to a condenser & compressor built-in the machine (Chillier system) which controls the  bath temperature as per  requirement.

Product Specifications:

• Display resolution: 1 Deg C

• Temperature stability: +- 2 Deg C

• Frequency: 33khz +- 3 Khz


• Timer : Digital Display with 0-99 min settable.

• Transducers : Imported make PZT type bonded at the bottom of the tank with weld bond technique.

• Ultrasonic Generator : Advanced latest MOSFET based SMPS

• PSP : Pulse Sweep Mode for uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy

• Sensor : PT-100 Simplicon make

• Digital Temp Controller : Digital temperature controller with setting 10°C to max-30°C

• Drain : ½” BSP with ball valve

• Solvent : Aqua/Solvent Based

• Accessories: SS 304 lid, SS 304 Basket, Drain valve & User friendly operation manual.

 Cooling facility:

• Temperature range 10˚C to Room Temp. Max.30°C.

• Display: Dual 7 segment LED

• Refrigerant: CFC free

Salient Features of Ultrasonic Cleaning Chamber:

• Imported PZT Sandwich type bonded at the bottom of the tank

• High Frequency Built in MOSFET based SMPS

• Timer 0 to 99 minute’s Digital count down with display.

• Auto degassing present 5 minutes for ultrasonic tank

• Pulse Sweep Power for Uniform distribution of Ultrasonic energy for ultrasonic tank.

• Easy to operate and made up of SS 304 (16 SWG) Fabricated tank.

• Extensive protected generator circuits for longer & safer operation.

• SS perforated sheet tray type Basket provided.

• Drain with Ball valve will be provided.

• SS 304 Basket provided.

• SS 304 LID provided.

• Complete Instruction Manual for easy operation will be provided.




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