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URIC ACID Liquid Stable Uricase - PAP Method, is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH .It is used for the determination of uric acid concentration in human serum , plasma or urine. uric acid is the end-product of purine metabolism. It is excreted by the kidney. Increases of uric acid in the serum plasma or urine can be due to the overproduction of purine containing molecules or to insufficient excretion. Uric acid in the sample is oxidized to allantoine and hydrogen peroxide in the presence of uricase. The liberated hydrogen peroxide is detected by chromogenic oxygen acceptor in the presence of peroxidase. The red quinine formed is proportional to the amount of uric acid present in the sample. All reagents are stable at 2-8 C upto the expiry date mentioned on the label.

Pack Size : 2x50ml.

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