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Versatile Biochemistry Analyzer-BTC-199i

Versatile Biochemistry Analyzer-BTC-199i

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Versatile Biochemistry Analyzer is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH. BTC-199i is a versatile semi auto Bio-Chemistry analyzer capable of performing routine Bio-Chemistry tests viz. Enzyme, Substrate, Therapeutic Drugs, Electrolytes ,Turbidimetry & Coagulation investigations.It has a faster processing time, constant speed, and consistent performance with improved operator safety by reducing the need for excessive chemical handling. All reagents included in the kit are stable at 2-8 C

until the expiry date stated on the label. The working reagent is stable for 30 days from date of

reconstitution & protected and stored at 2-8 C.

Product specifications:

Automation : Semi Automatic

Reaction Cuvette: Disposable Cuvette, Reusable Cuvette, Flow Cell

Weight: 6 kg

Flow Cell: Yes

Keys On Board: Yes

Memory Of Tests Results: 1000

Aspirations Volume: 350 microlitre