Vertical Electrophoresis Maxi-120058GB

Vertical Electrophoresis Maxi-120058GB

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Product Description

Vertical Electrophoresis Maxi is a product by Genei for performing SDS PAGE. Sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is a protein separation and characterization technique. The technique allows the resolution of proteins based on their mass under the influence of an electric field. SDS PAGE uses a polyacrylamide gel as the medium for the separation of proteins. The SDS imparts a uniform negative charge to all the proteins and upon application of an electric field across the gel, the proteins migrate towards the anode and separate in the gel matrix solely according to their molecular weights. The Vertical Electrophoresis Maxi by Genei contains all the required apparatus to perform SDS PAGE. 

The system contains the following components:

(a) For gel casting:

- Combs

2 sets of 24-well acrylic comb 1 mm thick

- 1 mm thick spacers moulded with the glass plate

- Fixed gasket: the dual gaskets seal the gel and the two glass plates together to prevent leakage

- The ultra-soft silicone seal and pressure bar allows convenient and breakage free gel casting and setting.

- the bonded spacers on the 4mm thick glass plates prevents damage to the plates during gel casting.

- several other techniques such as capillary gel immunoelectrofocussing and electroblotting can be done using this apparatus.

(b) For electrophoresis:

- 1 set of connecting cords - 1 each of red and black

- 1 set of platinum electrodes - 1 each of red and black

- 1 lid

- 1 gel running apparatus with upper and lower tank

- 1 fixed gasket

Product specifications:

Product name:  Vertical Electrophoresis Maxi

Dimensions of the gel: (16 * 17.5)

Dimensions of the plate: (20 * 20)

Dimensions of the kit: (26 * 16 * 28)

Number of samples: 192

Catalogue number: 120058GB

Price: Rs. 1,60,209.00


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