Viscosity Cup, Brass, with fixed nozzle orifice  6mm

Viscosity Cup, Brass, with fixed nozzle orifice 6mm

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: FC-B6

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Product Description

Viscosity Cup, Brass, with fixed nozzle orifice  6mm; manufactured by ANM Industries, is used for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes, lacquers and other similar products. The process of flow through an orifice is used as a relative measurement and classification of viscosity. It permits the timed flow of a known volume of liquid passing through an orifice located at the bottom.


• Capacity: 6mm diameter

• Type: Ford Cup-Brass

• 6mm Brass Viscoscity Cup is made under continuing quality control procedure

• To be used with stand

• Easy to use


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