0.75 mm Compact Multi Gel Cast

0.75 mm Compact Multi Gel Cast

Brand: BioSpan

Catalog No.: 2322602

Quantity/Unit: 1 SET/Pack

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Product Description

SDS-PAGE is a technique widely used in laboratories for the separation of macromolecules. The technique is used in chemical, biological, forensics, molecular biology and biochemistry labs for the analysis and separation of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. A gel of polymerized acrylamide and bis-acrylamide monomers is cast into a thin stationary phase. The macromolecules are loaded into wells created within the gel and the whole set-up is placed in an electric field. Through this technique, a user may separate macromolecules based on their molecular weight. Gel casting apparatus are frequently used in laboratories for the preparation of gel in an easy and uniform manner. 0.75 mm Compact Multi Gel Cast, by ATTO, is a product which allows easy casting and setting of gels for SDS PAGE and Native PAGE. Using this kit, a maximum of four gels can be cast at a time. Specifications: Product name: 0.75 mm Compact Multi Gel Cast Brand: ATTO Gel size: 60 mm (Width) x 60 mm (Height) x 0.75 mm (Thickness) (Compact slab size) Number of gels: Maximum of four pieces Plate: CAB-075 Notched plate Sample comb: CP075-12 Smiling-less compact comb, 12-well (Well 2.9 mm width, 8L/well), 0.75 mm thickness, PP mould Material: Gel caster (Acrylic, Silicon, Stainless steel, Aluminium), Plate (Glass) Dimensions: 76 mm (Weight) 48 mm (Depth) 130 mm (Height) Weight: 0.45 kg Component: - Main unit - Plate set - Comb - Dummy plate - Divider plate - Instruction manual